Leveraging Technology

The lawyers at Johnson Marlowe LLP don't approach the practice of law like many other lawyers and law firms. We are not intimidated by technology. Like many of our clients' businesses, we embrace it. We move with it. And we invest in it. That investment gives us a competitive advantage over our competitors, and it allows us to provide better services to our clients. 

Our legal research capabilities are top-notch. We use Westlaw Next for most of our research needs. Next allows us to find cases and other legal authorities from across the nation quicker, easier, and ultimately, cheaper than many of the services that our competitors use. We also subscribe to services that allow us to locate defendants and witnesses without having to hire a private investigator and to review real estate records throughout Georgia without having to travel to the clerk's office in each county.

Technology allows keeps us in touch with our clients. We use cloud-based services to get documents to our clients with the click of a button. Our clients' documents are scanned and available on our computers, so long as we have an Internet connection. This allows us to have a client's entire file with us, electronically, at depositions or other important proceedings. Our lawyers also provide their cell phone numbers to every client, who is free to call any of our lawyers, at any time, whenever an issue comes up that the client needs to bring to our attention immediately.

Technology also keeps us connected to each other and the other professionals who are working for you. Our office uses a hosted email exchange, intra-office messaging, Internet phones, and videoconferencing. Collaboration by professionals is one of the keys to success in every dispute, and we insist on, and invest in, accessibility. We're problem-solving lawyers, and a lot of the problems that we're asked to solve are large and complex. Bet-the-company cases demand the attention and creativity of more than one lawyer, and the technological tools we use at Johnson Marlowe ensure that we're always, immediately, able to get in touch with the right person, whether he is down the hallway or across the state.

Our investment in technology yields at least three material benefits to our clients. First, it gives our clients the best chance of success at the lowest possible cost. We have the technology to find the governing law, and we know how to use it. Once we find it, we use our services to analyze it collaboratively and to deliver it to you. Second, technology promotes efficiency. Our clients generally do not have to hire private investigators or pay for hours of "law library" research time. We do not drive back and forth to Atlanta or Macon when a videoconference will work. We've invested in electronic services to replace these inefficient, traditional practices, and our investment ultimately lowers our clients' case-related expenses. Third, technology removes geographic boundaries. Our office is in Athens, Georgia, but we are constantly, electronically connected to our office and our work files wherever we are. We can conduct business on our clients’ behalf as efficiently in Savannah as in Athens and will have the same access to information and materials as if we were sitting in Athens.

Johnson Marlowe LLP does whatever is necessary to solve our clients' problems, and investing in, and using, technology is one example of that principle in action.