How We Help Clients

Johnson Marlowe LLP has a central purpose: to solve--and prevent--the legal problems that companies and business owners face from vendors, counterparties, competitors, lenders, and, sometimes, even their own employees. The lawyers at Johnson Marlowe handle business and contract disputes, partnership divorces, commercial loan workouts, and employment litigation defense, along with a select number of high-stakes probate, estate, and tort cases. 

Before a Fight Breaks Out. Over and over, we see that most litigation can be prevented. We are trial lawyers by training, but the most valuable services we can offer our clients start, by design, before any claim is made or lawsuit is filed. We work side-by-side with our clients on compliance issues and lawsuit prevention, which is particularly important for small to mid-sized businesses without in-house counsel. Why? Because the best way to avoid a lawsuit for unpaid overtime is to comply with the FLSA; the best way to avoid having a former employee pirate your employees is to have an enforceable non-solicitation agreement with the former employee; the best way to avoid contract disputes with your vendors is to draft clear contracts; and the best way to avoid messy litigation on the backside of a deal of any sort is to paper the deal properly at the beginning. Although our law firm’s slogan is “Problems Solved,” it could just as easily be “Problems Prevented” because our role as problem-preventers is, from our clients’ perspective, every bit as important as our role as problem-solvers.

When the Battle is Joined. Not every piece of litigation is totally preventable though, and sooner or later, even the most careful business will probably find itself in the middle of a lawsuit. When that happens, Johnson Marlowe LLP will shoulder the load for you. You are not in the suing business (and certainly not in the being sued business). We believe that our main job in every case is to resolve the matter on the best terms possible as efficiently and quickly as we can, so you can focus on what you are in the business of doing. Sometimes, that leads us to the negotiating table where we can strike a favorable deal for our client; at others times, it causes us to drive the case to trial, whether as plaintiff or defendant. In the litigation, we use scheduling orders and other agreements by consent to minimize your discovery-related expenses and to get the matter to trial or resolution as quickly as possible.

Albert Einstein said that if he had an hour to solve a problem and his life depended on the solution, he’d spend 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask because once he knows the right question to ask, he could answer it in less than 5 minutes. Although that’s an extreme example, it illustrates what we do: we know that we cannot provide you a good answer if we don’t fully understand the question, so we will spend as long with you as necessary to fully understand and appreciate what you need. Once we know what you need, then we deliver it. You came to us for advice and recommendations, and we deliver the answer that works for you, not just the answer that works in most cases.  

In the litigation context, we aren't afraid to think outside the box. We don't take depositions or conduct other discovery for the sake of it, and we won't fire off pointless objections and futile arguments that ultimately cost you unnecessary dollars when we try (in vain) to defend them. Instead, in all phases of the representation, we move the ball. If performing a task will increase your odds of winning at trial, or provide us leverage in settlement discussions, then it is worth performing; if it won’t, then it’s not. We are not willing to do something, anything, simply because it's what other lawyers always do. Those lawyers are not focused on your bottom line; we are.

Our motto is not "Problems overanalyzed, prolonged, overworked, and overbilled." It's "Problems solved" for a reason.