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This article explores how those that are starting and building a business as the economy improves can avoid some of the central mistakes that brought entrepreneurs to grief in the Great Recession.
The Georgia Restrictive Covenants Act applies to noncompetition and nonsolicitation agreements signed on or after May 11, 2011, and, for an employer, is a powerful shield against unfair competition.
If you are buying real estate with a friend or inherited a fractional interest in land from a parent or relative, then you need to be aware of the potential issues that can arise when more than one person owns the same piece of real estate. There are two common types of co-ownership: joint tenancy with rights of survivorship and tenancy in common.
All too often, the formalities associated with starting a business the right way are viewed as an aggravation, an obstacle in the way of generating revenue. This article explains why they are so very important.
A bank's agreement to accept a deed in lieu of foreclosure answers only half the question. The other half is more important: what about the deficiency?
While often a necessary evil, signing a personal guaranty of someone else's debt in Georgia can subject the guarantor to unforeseen and disastrous personal financial consequences. This article explains why.
Many Georgia drivers think that uninsured motorist coverage applies only when the at-fault driver is totally uninsured. That's not the case. As this article explains, uninsured motorist coverage also applies when the at-fault driver is UNDERinsured, and that makes buying UM coverage one of the most important things that you can do to protect yourself and your family.