Car Accidents and Trucking Crashes Results

As a Georgia law firm that devotes a large part of their trial practice to personal injury cases, Johnson Marlowe has successfully represented clients in a number of complicated and sensitive personal injury cases. If you have suffered catastrophic injury due to a car or motor vehicle accident, trust the Georgia law firm with a track record of success that will devote individual time to get your case resolved quickly and efficiently. Contact the car accident lawyers at Johnson Marlowe or learn more about our practice. 

Below is a sample of the successes we have had representing clients who have been injured in car or truck crashes:

$1 million settlement in a conservative North Georgia county.

  • We settled this claim less than one year after filing a lawsuit on our client's behalf.
  • Shortly after we were retained, the at-fault driver's insurance company claimed that only $100,000 in insurance applied to the wreck and offered to settle our client's claim for that amount.
  • We refused to accept the insurance company's representation and, in the process, discovered an additional $1 million in coverage. The lawsuit ultimately settled for that amount.

DUI Driver: Total recovery exceeded our client's medical bills by almost 10 times.

  • Policy-limits settlement of personal injury claim against a d.u.i. driver in another conservative venue.
  • We settled the client’s claim within 4 months of being hired.

Senior citizen struck by car: Full payment from the at-fault driver's insurance company.

  • Policy-limits settlement in case in which senior citizen was struck by a car while walking across a parking lot in Commerce, Georgia.
  • Before the one-year anniversary of the wreck, we obtained  full payment from the at-fault driver’s insurance company, as well as full payment from the client’s uninsured motorist policy.  

DUI Driver in Atlanta: $250,000 Settlement

  • $250,000 of policy-limits settlement of personal injury claim against a d.u.i. driver in metro Atlanta. 

$550,000 Settlement for Injured Client

  • $550,000 settlement in which client suffered a broken knee.
  • The client’s total recov­ery exceeded his medical bills and lost wages by 5.5 times. 

Gwinnett County Car Accident: $120,000 Settlement

  • $120,000 settlement of disabled veteran’s personal injury claim arising out of Gwinnett County car accident.
  • Prior to our involvement, the insurer offered only $20,000 in settlement. 

Bicycle-Automobile Accident: $150,000 Settlement

  • $150,000 settlement of a bicycle-automobile collision that occurred in Virginia.
  • The case settled for four times the client’s medical bills and lost wages.