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Effective dispute resolution requires understanding how the other side thinks. Johnson Marlowe LLP is one of the very few law firms in Georgia with a sophisticated borrower-side commercial loan workout practice. Resolving tens of millions of dollars worth of commercial loans, both in litigation and out, against lenders of every size from community to national has given us unique insight on what banks do right, and wrong, when dealing with distressed borrowers.


We've seen cases resolve on much worse terms than they should have because of poor or sloppy strategy on the lender side. We've seen pragmatic and proactive lenders get better results from borrowers who were willing to stretch a bit further to work with a willing dance partner. Too often, we've seen "autopilot" approaches that unnecessarily drove up fees and costs on both sides. Many times, banks are represented by big law firms with big billing rates and no experience working down in the trenches with "little guy" borrowers. This is a detriment to the lender when the borrower is unnecessarily backed into a corner and sued, sometimes despite the fact that he's made every payment. If you are a borrower needing counsel or representation resolving a commercial loan workout, contact us today.  


When we represent lenders, we draw from our extensive experience on the borrower side to drive better results for our bank clients. Knowing the tricks of the trade that borrowers' counsel will employ allows us to avoid the pitfalls that lenders often fall into when pursuing our clients. We've proven an ability to move these cases to judgment or resolution faster, more efficiently, and ultimately cheaper than "autopilot" lawyers often do. Learn more about our successes negotiating Commercial Loan Workout cases or contact us today to discuss the details of your case. 

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Johnson Marlowe is a full-service law firm located in Athens, Ga serving the greater north Georgia area. If you need legal counsel or representation, we have extensive experience in Commercial Litigation, Loan Disputes and Employment and Labor Law. Please contact the attorneys at Johnson Marlowe today.