Construction Law and Litigation

Construction projects usually involve a large number of players and a connecting, complex web of contractual and legal obligations. Whether negotiating relationships on the front end, or litigating disputes that arise during or after a project, you need lawyers with specialized construction expertise.

Johnson Marlowe LLP represents clients at all levels of the construction process in transactions, litigation, and arbitration on projects across the United States that range from $1 million to over $100 million in size. We have successfully represented owners, general contractors, and subcontractors in disputes with seven-figure amounts in controversy, including delay and defective construction claims.

Most construction disputes involve long and complicated stories that play out in document sets that often exceed 100,000 pages. In any construction dispute, the lawyers at Johnson Marlowe LLP have the skillset, experience, technology, and resources to efficiently assess the situation, evaluate the completing claims, and develop and execute a strategy for successfully resolving the dispute.

Far too often in the legal business, the lawyers that draft key transactional documents do not have any experience litigating them. At Johnson Marlowe LLP, we put the lessons learned from litigating cases to use when we draft transactional documents like subcontracts or other construction agreements. We also write in plain English, so everyone--from the parties to a judge or jury that may ultimately decide a dispute under the document--can easily understand and appreciate what the document requires.