Partnership Dissolution & Business Divorces

Few law firms outside of Atlanta, Georgia, have the experience, or can match the success, of the lawyers at Johnson Marlowe LLP in partnership disputes. Our work in partnership dispute and business divorce cases has led directly to six- and seven-figure financial benefits to our clients.

These cases can arise in a variety of settings: 

  1. Two general partners have a falling out.
  2. The shareholders of a closely held corporation are deadlocked.
  3. The members of an LLC disagree about the business’s operation, and the operating agreement isn’t clear enough to provide direction.

We have successfully resolved cases under each of these scenarios. These cases are difficult and hard. The parties’ relationship is generally toxic, and they are bitter. Particularly when control of a successful business is at stake, litigation between partners or shareholders can be expensive and nasty.

Partnership Agreements and Contracts

The best partnership divorce is the one that doesn’t occur. The second-best partnership divorce is the one that’s done pursuant to a pre-existing, clear, binding agreement. Johnson Marlowe LLP has extensive experience drafting agreements and contracts that can keep a simple disagreement between partners from escalating into litigation or leading to a stalemate or deadlock. We specialize in:

  • Shareholder’s agreements 
  • LLC operating agreements
  • Partnership agreements 
  • Other contracts 

Partnership Disputes

Johnson Marlowe LLP has experience in both worlds. We can draft and help enforce governance documents that clearly define the rights and responsibilities of all partners or shareholders. Although we will always try to resolve a partnership dispute or business divorce outside of court, it’s not always possible to voluntarily settle such a claim. When it’s not, our lawyers will—and have proven that they will—advance your claim in court. 

If you need legal counsel or representation for a partnership dispute or divorce, contact the attorneys at Johnson Marlowe today.