Georgia Taxpayer Protection False Claims Act

 The federal False Claims Act isn't the only tool available to thwart government fraud. (If it were, it'd be terribly ineffective as it applies to only claims presented to and paid by the federal government.) To combat fraud at the state level, Georgia has passed its own version of the federal False Claims Act. 

Georgia's Medicaid False Claims Act became law in 2007. It was loosely based on its federal counterpart, and as its name implied, the Medicaid False Claims Act restricted liability to those who submitted false claims to Georgia's Medicaid program. In 2012, however, Georgia passed the Taxpayer Protection False Claims Act. Following the passage of Taxpayer Protection False Claims Act, every person or company that knowingly or recklessly submits a false claim to the government in Georgia, including political subdivisions like cities and school boards, can be held liable for submitting a false claim. The civil penalties for each false claim range from $5,500 to $11,000, treble damages, costs, and attorneys' fees. The new state law also provides whistleblowers the same incentives as its federal counterpart.

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