Plaintiffs' Personal Injury

In the last three years alone, the lawyers at Johnson Marlowe LLP have recovered approximately $5,000,000.00 for clients serioulsy injured in cases involving complex medical questions and disputes over insurance coverage or fault, including cases involving:

Our Process

As soon as we are hired in a personal injury case, we go to work immediately. Our lawyers make it their mission to fully understand your injury, medical condition, and prognosis, and to discover and confirm every potential dollar of applicable insurance coverage. A lawyer who doesn't understand his client's condition, what exactly caused it, and how it will affect the client in the future cannot possibly counsel the client properly or effectively advocate for him or her.

  1. We will obtain and review your medical records
    We will meet with your treating doctors, and if necessary, engage medical experts to help us understand your condition and prognosis.

  2. We will gather all available information about the at-fault driver or party and confirm the existence and extent of all applicable insurance.
    Because personal injury judgments are generally dischargeable in bankruptcy, identifying all potentially applicable policies of insurance is one of the most important jobs a personal injury lawyer can do for you. (As explained in our results, we have "found" insurance policies on several occasions that the insurance companies involved initially denied the existence of; our persistence in one case led, literally, to an extra $1,000,000.00 in needed coverage.)

  3. We will give the at-fault party or its insurer one opportunity to settle the claim on favorable terms.
    The last thing that a person who has been seriously injured by the negligence of another needs is a long, drawn out lawsuit. We don't let files and claims sit.

  4. If the claim will not settle, then we file a lawsuit.
    To make sure that the lawsuit moves as quickly as it needs to, we use scheduling orders to tie the other side to specific dates and deadlines, and we avoid continuing, or extending, trial dates on our side.

  5. When your case is ready to go to trial, we will be there to help.

If you need representation in a high-stakes personal injury case, contact the attorneys at Johnson Marlowe today.