Business Disputes and Partnership Divorces

When interviewing lawyers to hire, ask yourself one thing: How can this law firm help me solve my problem? What we can offer you is explained here, and what you see below are the fruits of our efforts. These are real results in real cases. Please understand, though, that every case is unique. Because we cannot guarantee you a particular result in your case, these results are only illustrative. 

Commercial Litigation

– $512,741.00 jury trial verdict. We represented a local medical practice in a jury trial against the practice’s former office manager and her husband. The office manager had admitted to stealing more than $500,000 from the practice, but her husband had denied any involvement. We brought suit against him as a conspirator in the fraud and conversion. Utilizing lottery records, gambling records, and complex statistical testimony regarding the husband’s lottery winnings, we obtained a complete victory for our client. The Hall County jury found the office manager’s husband liable for the theft (along with his wife), returned a verdict of 100% of the amount sought by the practice, and set aside a fraudulent transfer of land from the husband to his son.  

– Dismissal of Lawsuit on Corporate Debt. We obtained summary judgment on behalf of our client, a former president of a construction company, against a company who had provided supplies to the company. The supplier alleged in the lawsuit that our client had personally guaranteed the company’s debt, and during the lawsuit, the supplier produced a personal guaranty agreement signed by the client. We contended, however, that the personal guaranty could not be enforced under Georgia law. The judge of the State Court of Jackson County agreed with our argument and granted judgment in favor of our client, completely denying the supplier’s request for payment.

– Dismissal of lawsuit seeking recovery on $150,000 personal guaranty and defense of $100,000 guar­anty. A large national lender sued our client in an effort to enforce a personal guaranty signed years earlier. We moved aggressively and determined that the guarantee violated the Equal Credit Opportunities Act. After that defense was asserted, the lender dismissed the claim. Our client was saved from a judgment of $150,000. The remaining claims on a separate personal guaranty of a $100,000 were subsequently settled for a fraction of the amount of the debt, and the lawsuit against our client was dismissed.

Partnership Divorces

– We used hard but fair tactics to get our client out of a highly profitable but dysfunctional partnership by leveraging a history of his partners’ under-performance and taking advantage of opportunities presented by the partnership agreement. Under our guidance, the client withdrew from the partnership and took the lion’s share of the company’s revenues with him. Once he did, we forced the remaining partners to cash out his capital account with a mid-six-figure payment. With help from an expert accountant, we structured the buyout in a way that netted the client a six-figure tax benefit.

– One partner in a medical supply business hired us to help him resolve a serious dispute with his partner. The dispute involved at least four corporate entities and an international operation. Each partner accused the other of mismanagement, and negotiations were at a total stalemate when we got involved. We quickly worked with the opposing attorney to steer the dispute away from litigation and framed the settlement discussion around a totally new concept that served the needs of all parties. Within five months, we successfully extracted our client from the situation and, in the process, obtained the client’s release from over $500,000 in personal guarantees on corporate debt.

– A 50% owner of a highly success­ful transport provider retained us in connection with an ongoing dispute with his business partner. After careful research and analysis of the business’s governance structure, we counseled our client that the business partner could be terminated as an employee, which termination saved the business thousands of dollars a week. When the partner then started a competing business and attempted to take the client’s customers, we responded aggressively, preparing a lawsuit for damages and for an injunction under the Georgia Deceptive Trade Practices Act. We eventually obtained a settlement of all disputes between the client and his business partner that resulted in an approximately seven-figure net benefit to the client.

– LLC Asset Purchase, $2,000,000. Our client was attempting to purchase a medical supply company owned by a competitor. The client had received documentation that was inconsistent with the terms the parties had reached. We were able to bring the deal back to its original terms and do so in a manner that preserved favorable tax treatment and compliance with a complex thicket of federal regulations.