Premises Liability Results

Over the past two years, the premises liability attorneys at Johnson Marlowe have recovered more than three million dollars for victims injured due to the negligence of a property owner or business. If you have suffered an injury due to falling merchandise, inadequate security, landlord negligence or dangerous surfaces, contact us today for legal representation or learn more about our personal injury practice

Below is a sample of the successful settlements we have gained for our clients with a premises liability claim:

14 Month Old Injured at Hotel: $3M Settlement

  • $3,000,000 settlement on behalf of a minor child and her parents and against the owner of an extended-stay hotel in Metro Atlanta.
  • The hotel’s owner had placed televisions in its guests’ rooms, but had not secured the televisions in any way or placed them on furniture designed to hold televisions.
  • An unsecured 25” television fell off of a dresser and onto our client, who was only 14 months old at the time. The television struck her head and nearly killed her.
  • Working with a team of assembled experts, we filed a lawsuit against the hotel’s owner, alleging that the hotel owner should have either secured the television in our client’s hotel room or secured the dresser on which the television sat.
  • Within one year of filing the lawsuit, we obtained a $3,000,000 settlement for our clients. The settlement exceeded our clients’ medical bills by over 6 times, and it guarantees that our young client will have the resources she needs to cope with her injuries in the future. 

Injured by Falling Merchandise in Ellijay: $195,000 Settlement

  • $195,000 settlement on behalf of customer injured by falling merchandise at retail store in a rural Georgia mountain county.
  • In this case, a piece of unsecured merchandise fell on our client at a very popular business in Ellijay, Georgia.
  • As soon as we were hired, we evaluated our client’s injury and prognosis, consulted with her doctors (to better understand the complications she suffered after the merchandise fell on her), and began building our liability case.
  • Within approximately six months of being hired, we presented a very detailed settlement demand to the business’s insurer that explained the business’s negligence and how the business’s negligence led directly to our client’s claimed injury.
  • After back-and-forth negotiations, we secured a $195,000 settlement on our client’s behalf.

Six-Figure Settlement For Client Injured at Warehouse

  • Six-figure settlement on behalf of client injured while attending an auction in North Georgia at a warehouse property.
  • While walking through a portion of the property open to the public, the client  fell off of a loading dock, hit his head, and fractured his leg.
  • The loading dock was not marked or lit and did not have any guard rails.
  • We took advantage of the defendant's failure in this case to timely respond to requests for admissions to gain negotiation leverage. The case settled at mediation.