Probate and Estate Litigation

When interviewing lawyers to hire, ask yourself one thing: How can this law firm help me solve my problem? What we can oer you is explained here, and what you see below are the fruits of our efforts. These are real results in real cases. Please understand, though, that every case is unique. Because we cannot guarantee you a particular result in your case, these results are only illustrative. 

– The heir of an estate hired us after the Probate Court of Stephens County erroneously entered an award of year’s support in favor of the decedent’s spouse that deprived the estate of a six-figure interest in real estate and other assets. We appealed the lower court’s decision to the Georgia Court of Appeals, and that court reversed the decision below. We then had our client named administrator of the estate and aided its client in her inventory of the estate’s assets. We discovered several missing assets and, after years of litigation, recovered many of those assets.

– Ms. Malinda Young served as her mother’s primary caregiver before her mother’s death in June 2007. In exchange for that care, her mother left her entire estate to Ms. Young. After the mother’s death, however, Ms. Young’s siblings challenged the will and filed a lawsuit to cancel a real estate deed that their mother had signed in their sister’s favor before the mother’s death. Ms. Young hired us to defend that lawsuit, and we obtained a complete victory on our client’s behalf. The probate court eventually dismissed the brothers’ lawsuit, and the Georgia Supreme Court subsequently armed the dismissal.

– A metro-Atlanta trustee of a seven-figure trust came to us after he became embroiled in nasty litigation in South Georgia. Through a series of motions and coordinated procedural maneuvers with friendly parties, we were able to extract the trust from the dispute on the terms the trustee wanted. 

We were the third law firm hired to try and resolve a decade-plus old dispute relating to the interpretation of a trust that held a portfolio of North Georgia real estate, stock, and other assets. After reasonable settlement efforts on our clients' behalf failed, we developed a "light and fast" litigation strategy to get the key legal issues before the court without the expense of extended discovery. Our clients won total victory on all legal issues in court, leaving the other side with no choice but to recognize that our clients' victory was inevitable, and settle on extremely favorable terms for our clients. Over ten years of family strife and legal wrangling were brought to a swift end. (2017)