Restructure of family-owned businesses. The owners of a highly profitable suite of family-owned LLCs came to us with a management deadlock and a need to restructure their business terms. We worked tirelessly with the family members to develop a workable set of revised arrangements that would allow the businesses to carry on so that their multi-million dollar value would be maximized. Along the way, as issues arose, we helped our clients work through them and develop needed modifications. 
Capital raise for consumer-product manufacturer. After a local group of investors connected with a pre-revenue production company in need of capital, we helped the investors formulate and negotiate a high six-figure investment that brought a new production facility and a host of jobs to the local market. A preferred return equity investment with a convertible debt component was designed to fit the unique needs of the deal.   
Formation of financial services firm. We formed and organized a new limited liability company for a financial advisor. After working with our client to craft business terms to govern his arrangement with his new partners, we drafted and helped our client implement an operating agreement, buy-sell agreement, and accompanying non-compete/non-solicit covenants for the new business. 
Purchase and sale of family owned construction business. We helped our client purchase a family-owned business in an owner-financed transaction. Several complicated deal structures were proposed by the seller, and JM helped the client land on the right one, focusing on simplicity and ease of implementation.   
Medical practice exit. We represented a prominent physician in negotiating an exit from an established medical practice. As part of the resolution, we had to help the client balance competing concerns flowing from real estate owned by the practice, identify the future financial prospects of the practice after his exist, and develop a solution that addressed the client's personal needs.   
New partner entry in commercial construction business. A young owner of an on-the-rise commercial construction contracting business wanted to bring in a new partner to add know-how and experience. We were hired to work develop a business structure that addressed the unique needs of each of the soon-to-be partner relative to his age and to document the terms with a new operating agreement for the company.